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Node.js Handwritten Notes

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These Node.js handwritten notes feature clear and tidy writing, providing the simplest explanations. Ideal for exam preparation, they cover a comprehensive range of Node.js topics, including some valuable additional insights.


  1. Clear and Neat Writing
  2. Easiest Explanation
  3. Best for Exams Preparation
  4. Cover Almost Python Topics
  • Pages: 54
  • Chapters: 12
  • Syllabus: Find Syllabus Below


Syllabus Included in this Ebook👇


Chapter 1: Introduction to Node.js

  • What is Node.js?
  • History and evolution of Node.js
  • Features and advantages of Node.js
  • Node.js architecture
  • Node Package Manager (NPM)

Chapter 2: Setting up the Development Environment

  • Installing Node.js
  • Understanding Node.js versions and version managers
  • Using a package manager (NPM or Yarn)
  • Creating a basic Node.js project structure

Chapter 3: Asynchronous Programming with JavaScript

  • Understanding asynchronous programming
  • Callback functions
  • Promises and async/await
  • Handling errors in asynchronous code

Chapter 4: Modules and Dependencies

  • Creating and using modules in Node.js
  • Exporting and importing modules
  • Core modules vs. external modules
  • Managing dependencies with NPM

Chapter 5: File System Operations

  • Reading and writing files
  • Working with directories
  • File and directory operations using the fs module

Chapter 6: Networking and HTTP

  • Understanding network protocols (TCP, UDP)
  • Building TCP and UDP servers and clients
  • Introduction to HTTP
  • Creating an HTTP server with Node.js

Chapter 7: Express.js Framework

  • Introduction to Express.js
  • Setting up an Express.js application
  • Routing and handling HTTP requests
  • Middleware and error handling
  • Templating engines

Chapter 8: Database Integration

  • Connecting to databases (MySQL, MongoDB, etc.)
  • Querying and manipulating data
  • Using database drivers and ORMs (Object Relational Mappers)
  • Working with data models

Chapter 9: Real-time Communication with WebSockets

  • Understanding WebSockets
  • Implementing WebSocket servers and clients
  • Broadcasting messages in real-time

Chapter 10: Authentication and Security

  • User authentication and authorization
  • Password hashing and encryption
  • Protecting against common security vulnerabilities
  • Implementing HTTPS and SSL/TLS

Chapter 11: Testing and Debugging

  • Unit testing with frameworks like Mocha or Jest
  • Writing test cases for Node.js applications
  • Debugging techniques and tools
  • Performance optimization and profiling

Chapter 12: Deployment and Scalability

  • Preparing a Node.js application for deployment
  • Deploying to cloud platforms (Heroku, AWS, Azure)
  • Load balancing and clustering
  • Monitoring and scaling Node.js applications

2 reviews for Node.js Handwritten Notes

  1. Ramesh

    Great books
    Clear and Neat Writing
    Easiest Explanation
    Best for Exams Preparation
    Cover Almost Python Topics

  2. Ramesh

    Great books really liked it

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