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Discover the power of Angular.js development with our carefully crafted collection of handwritten notes. Whether you’re new to Angular.js or an experienced developer, these notes will help you build a strong foundation and elevate your Angular.js skills to new heights.


  1. Clear and Neat Writing
  2. Easiest Explanation
  3. Best for Exams Preparation
  4. Cover Almost Python Topics
  • Pages: 57
  • Chapters: 11
  • Syllabus: Find Syllabus Below


Syllabus Included in this Ebook👇


Chapter 1: Introduction to Angular.js

  • What is Angular.js?
  • Angular.js History and Version
  • Setting up the development environment

Chapter 2: Angular.js and Directives

  • Understanding Directives
  • Built-in Directives
  • Creating Custom Directives
  • Working with Expression and Data Binding

Chapter 3: Controller and Scope

  • Introduction to Controller and Scope and their scope
  • Defining Controllers
  • Scope and Its Role in Data Binding
  • Scope Hierarchy and Inheritance

Chapter 4: Filters and Expressions

  • Using Filters to format data
  • Commonly Used Filters
  • Creating Custom Filter

Chapter 5: Service and Dependency Injection

  • Understanding Services and Their Purpose
  • Built-in Services
  • Creating Custom Services
  • Dependency Injection (DI) in AngularJs

Chapter 6: Routing in Angularjs

  • Introduction to Routing
  • Configuring Routers
  • Passing Parameter to Router
  • Nested View and Multiple Layouts

Chapter 7: Forms and Validation

  • Building forms in Angularjs
  • Form Validation and Error handling
  • Angularjs Built-in Validation Directives
  • Custom Validation Using Directive

Chapter 8: Communicating with Servers

  • Making HTTP Requests With $http Service
  • Using $resources for RESTful APIs
  • Handling API Response and error

Chapter 9: Directives in Depth

  • Directive Communication
  • Transclusion and Working With Content Projection
  • Directive Life Cycle Hooks

Chapter 10: Testing Angular.JS Applications

  • Introduction to Unit Testing in Angular.Js
  • Testing Controller, Service and Directives
  • Using Karma and Jasmine for Testing

Chapter 11: Advanced Topics

  • Promises and Asynchronous Programming
  • AngularJs Animation
  • Performance Optimization Technique
  • Integrating Third-Parties Library with Angular.JS

2 reviews for Angular.Js Handwritten Notes

  1. Suraj Gupta

    neatly written notes explained well

  2. Aachal

    I just finished reading this ebook and it was incredibly helpful. The author’s insights and practical advice were spot on. I highly recommend it to anyone looking for it.

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