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Introducing our “HTML, CSS, and JavaScript Handwritten Notes” – the ultimate companion for web development enthusiasts! Crafted by experts, these notes offer:

  • 📜 Handwritten charm for enhanced learning.
  • 🌐 Comprehensive coverage of web technologies.
  • 🎨 Visual aids for better understanding.
  • 🔗 Practical examples and real-world projects.
  • 🗂️ Logical organization for easy learning.
  • 📚 Timeless reference for future use.

Begin your web development journey with these portable, practical, and beautifully crafted notes. Order now!

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Syallbus Included in this COMBO Ebooks of HTML CSS & JS

HTML Syllabus:

Chapter 1: Introduction to HTML

  • What is HTML?
  • History and evolution of HTML
  • Structure of an HTML document
  • Basic HTML tags

Chapter 2: HTML Document Structure

  • HTML doctype declaration
  • HTML head section
  • HTML body section
  • Meta tags

Chapter 3: Text Formatting and Styles

  • Headings and paragraphs
  • Text formatting tags (bold, italic, underline)
  • Lists (ordered and unordered)
  • Adding special characters

Chapter 4: Hyperlinks and Anchors

  • Creating hyperlinks
  • Linking to external websites
  • Linking to internal sections of a webpage
  • Linking to email addresses

Chapter 5: Images and Multimedia

  • Inserting images in HTML
  • Image formats and optimization
  • Adding alternative text (alt attribute)
  • Embedding videos and audio files

Chapter 6: Tables

  • Creating tables in HTML
  • Table structure (rows, columns, and cells)
  • Table headers and captions
  • Merging cells and spanning rows/columns

Chapter 7: Forms and Input Elements

  • Form structure and attributes
  • Text input fields
  • Checkboxes and radio buttons
  • Dropdown menus and selection lists
  • Submitting forms and form validation

Chapter 8: HTML5 Semantic Elements

  • Introduction to semantic markup
  • Header, nav, and footer elements
  • Section, article, and aside elements
  • Figure and figcaption elements

Chapter 9: CSS Fundamentals

  • Introduction to CSS
  • Inline, internal, and external stylesheets
  • CSS selectors and properties
  • Applying styles to HTML elements

Chapter 10: CSS Layout and Positioning

  • Box model (margin, padding, border)
  • Display properties (block, inline, inline-block)
  • Positioning elements (relative, absolute, fixed)
  • Float and clear properties

Chapter 11: Responsive Web Design

  • Understanding responsive design principles
  • Media queries and viewport meta tag
  • Creating fluid layouts with CSS grids and Flexbox
  • Responsive images and media

CSS Syllabus:

Chapter 1: Introduction to CSS

  • What is CSS and its role in web development?
  • Inline, internal, and external CSS.
  • CSS syntax and basic rules.

Chapter 2: CSS Selectors

  • Understanding CSS selectors.
  • Selecting elements by tag name, class name, and ID.
  • Combining selectors.
  • Pseudo-classes and pseudo-elements.

Chapter 3: CSS Box Model

  • Introduction to the box model concept.
  • Understanding margins, borders, padding, and content.
  • Box-sizing.
  • Box-model properties and their impact on layout.

Chapter 4: CSS Typography

  • Formatting text with CSS.
  • Font properties.
  • Text color and background color.
  • Height, letter spacing, and text alignment.

Chapter 5: CSS Layouts

  • Positioning elements with CSS.
  • Floats and clearing floats.
  • Display property.
  • CSS positioning.

Chapter 6: CSS Flexbox

  • Introduction to flexbox layout.
  • Flexbox container and items.
  • Flexbox properties.
  • Creating responsive layouts with Flexbox.

Chapter 7: CSS Grid

  • Introduction to CSS Grid layout.
  • Grid container and grid items.
  • Grid properties.
  • Building responsive grid layouts with CSS Grid.

Chapter 8: CSS Transitions and Animations

  • Transition properties.
  • Creating simple CSS transitions.
  • Keyframe animations.
  • Animation properties.

Chapter 9: CSS Media Queries

  • Introduction to responsive web design.
  • Using media queries to target different device screen sizes.
  • Breakpoints and responsive design patterns.
  • Mobile-first vs. desktop-first approach.

Chapter 10: CSS Frameworks and Libraries

  • Overview of popular CSS frameworks.

JavaScript Syallbus:

Chapter 1: Introduction to JavaScript

  • What is JavaScript and its role in web development
    JavaScript History and Evolution
    JavaScript syntax and basic concepts
    Integrating JavaScript into HTML

Chapter 2: Variables, Data Types and Operators

  • Declaring and using variables in JavaScript
  • Primitive Data Types (numbers, strings, booleans)
  • Complex data types (arrays, objects)
  • Operators and Expressions

Chapter 3: Control Flow and Loops

  • Conditional statements (if, else if, switch)
  • Comparison operators and logical operators
  • Loops (for, while, do-while)
  • Breaking and continuing loop execution

Chapter 4: Functions and Scope

  • Defining and invoking functions
    Function parameters and return values
    Function expression and arrow functions
    Scope and variable visibility

Chapter 5: Arrays and Array Methods

  • Creating and manipulating arrays
  • Accessing Array elements
  • Array methods (push, pop, shift, unshift, slice, splice)
  • Iterating over arrays (For Loop, forEach, map)

Chapter 6: Object and Object-Oriented Programming

  • Creating objects and object literals
  • Object properties and methods
  • Constructor functions and prototypes
  • Inheritance and object composition

Chapter 7: Working with Document Object Model (DOM)

  • Introduction to the DOM
  • Accessing and manipulating HTML elements with JavaScript
  • Modify element styles and attributes
  • Handling events with event listeners

Chapter 8: Debugging and Error-Handling

  • Understanding JavaScript errors
  • Error handling with try-catch blocks
  • Debugging techniques: Console log, breakpoints, browser dev tools
  • Handling asynchronous errors with promises

Chapter 9: Working with Dates and Times

  • Creating and manipulating data objects
  • Formatting and displaying dates
  • Performing date calculations and comparisons
  • Working with time zones

Chapter 10: Introduction to JavaScript Frameworks and Libraries

  • Overview of popular JavaScript frameworks (React, Angular, etc.)
  • Introduction to libraries (jQuery, Lodash, etc.)
  • Using frameworks and libraries for building interactive web applications
  • Pros and cons of using JavaScript frameworks

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